This bullseye target is designed to offer the shooter an easy to read and easy to score practice target. The center is visible at 25 yards; however, it is not so dark that it will soak up all of your printer ink. 


This target also offers a few other shapes for separate target engagement areas. These areas can be used for buddy assisted target recognition drills (cognitive skills), zero confirmation, and multiple target acquisition.   

"Walk The Line" is designed to test a shooter's pistol fundamentals mastery. The target offers three lines to follow, one with a left-hand only grip, one with a right-hand only grip, and one with a two-hand grip. A shooter should be able to accurately engage a target regardless of what hand he/she is using.


This target also offers a cognitive test.  Shooters can work with a friend and engage different targets as they are called out. This test helps gauge the shooter's ability to quickly identify and accurately engage targets. 

"From The Draw" is designed to train the shooters target engagement process from target id, through holster draw, target engagement, and post engagement procedures. Two boxes are available to train one-handed draw (left and right hand) as well as a smaller center target for a two-handed draw. The target should be placed at a minimum of 5 yards with a goal of no rounds missed at 7 yards (one magazine per box).


This target can also serve as a cognitive test that includes holster draw.  Shooters can work with a friend and engage targets as they are called out. Add a timer and record times to log shooter progression.